The Eagle Has Landed


Every once in a while a guitar is announced that gets the whole industry talking. Whether it’s a reissue of a common favourite, something that a company hasn’t done before, or most commonly a signature model for a big name player. The man in question has gone from a choice pick amongst blues enthusiasts, to a stadium filling, household heart-throb. When John Mayer made the big switch from Fender to PRS, everyone’s first question was, “what signature model are they going to release?”. After a few rumours and leaked prototypes, the Super Eagle was born – and none could have predicted its magnificence.

“Just like with the first edition Super Eagle, you’re literally getting the same guitar that is in John’s rig. It’s been an honour to help create a tool that John can use to work with Dead & Company and beyond.” – Paul Reed Smith

Fast forward a year, and the first edition of the Super Eagle has passed into folklore. Lots of questions were asked if Mayer had the status to warrant an £11,000 signature instrument, but its outstanding sales slapped the faces of every single naysayer. The beauty of the Super Eagle is that it’s exactly what John uses onstage, and has used for the majority of rock outfit Dead & Company’s 2016 and 2017 world tour. All of his specifications and requirements were met by Paul Reed Smith, and after much deliberation it was time to introduce phase two.PRS-Private-Stock-John-Mayer-Super-Eagle-II-Hemp-Green-239732_4The Super Eagle II is very closely modelled on its predecessor, with a few notable tweaks and changes to set it aside from the original. The scale length measures in at a longer 25.375″, and is loaded with specially-wound 58/15 JM Treble & Bass pickups with a Narrowfield JM pickup in the middle position. The back of the guitar is a gorgeous once piece, Private Stock slab of curly maple which is truly a sight to behold. African Blackwood replaces Brazilian Rosewood for the fretboard and headstock veneer, and paua birds and green ripple abalone are used for the inlays. To round-up a truly phenomenal instrument, the Super Eagle II is finished in a sophisticated and unique Hemp Green finish.

This guitar is testament to PRS’ exceptional quality, and pushes the boundaries on artistry, design and materials. The level of detail achieved by both PRS and John Mayer, highlight both their determination to achieve unparalleled tone, playability and detail.


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